The API is RESTful and as such, uses conventional HTTP response codes to indicate the success or failure of requests.

    HTTP Codes
    Request was successful and intended action was carried out. Note that we will always send a 200 if a charge or verify request was made. Do check the data object to know how the charge went (i.e. successful or failed).
    A resource has successfully been created.
    A validation or client side error occurred and the request was not fulfilled.
    The request was not authorized. This can be triggered by passing an invalid secret key in the authorization header or the lack of one.
    Request could not be fulfilled as the request resource does not exist.
    Request could not be fulfilled due to an error on our end. This shouldn't happen so please report as soon as you encounter any instance of this.

    Sample Response

    { "status": true, "message": "Your request was successful", "data": { }, "metadata": {} }
    { "status": true, "message": "Created successfully", "data": { }, "metadata": {} }
    { "status": false, "message": "Request not processed", }
    { "status": false, "message": "You don't have access to this resource", }
    { "status": false, "message": "Requested resource not found", }
    { "status": false, "message": "The serve could not handle your request", }
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